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Jeppe Kari

Associate Professor of Chemistry

Roskilde University

Jeppe Kari_edited.jpg

+45 46742720



My field of research is biophysical chemistry with  expertise in biocatalysis. I am particularly interested in understanding the kinetics and thermodynamics of enzymes that work at the solid-liquid interface (interfacial enzymes). My vision is to aid in the establishment of heterogeneous biocatalysis as a field and contribute to the bridging of inorganic heterogeneous catalysis and heterogeneous biocatalysis by finding common theoretical concepts. I am working on combining empirical scaling relations and computational methods to predict enzyme activity in silico and design better enzymes using computational-guided design.

In my research, I try to develop experimental assays and techniques to experimentally characterize interfacial enzymes and extract experimental descriptors to understand trends. Kinetic modeling plays a crucial role in my research as it acts as the link between structure and function. 

The group

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